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7 Immutable Laws of Innovation

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Are You Suffering From Future Shock?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change? Do you long for a simpler time but can't keep up with the present? If so, then you may be experiencing future shock. Future shock refers to disorientation and anxiety caused by too much change in a short period of time.

Image of a person with VR goggles who is being shocked by what he sees
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The Importance of Leadership in Fostering Organizational Innovation

Any expert on the driving forces behind organizational innovation will tell you that leadership is one of the most important. In fact, I’ve discovered it to be one of the 7 Immutable Laws of Innovation, and a necessity for any institution looking to prioritize leadership. Over the next few weeks, I

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3 Mistakes Kodak Made In Their Innovation Strategy

With this morning’s announcement that Kodak would seek bankruptcy protection, I reflected back on how and why it reached this point.  In my opinion, Kodak fell into the same trap that most large, successful and once highly innovative companies get into – how to keep the innovation engine working ove

kodak innovation failure