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The Innovation Skills and Attributes I Look For When Hiring Innovators

Do you think of life as a game? It’s more than just an analogy. Life really is a game, and there are rules. Rules that can help us survive and thrive. This article will show you how to win this one-in-a-million chance at life by knowing how to make others aware of your innovation skills […]

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Thinking Creatively in a World of Normality

The world is a place of normality. It’s the place where we go to school, work, and come home to our families. We see the same people every day and do the same things. We are used to doing things in a certain way and we don’t question it. But what if we were to […]

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Improve your creativity or lose your job

The economy upon which companies and employees have built their future has changed. The creative economy requires that you improve your creativity or lose your job Just do a quick comparison of market capitalization to book value for public U.S. companies over the last two decades.  There is a drama

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