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Ethics: The Missing Link to a Better Society

Ethics are essential to any functioning society, but unfortunately, many people have become too accepting of unethical behavior. Greed, jealousy, and selfishness can lead to unethical decisions, and the media has a history of glamorizing those who break the rules.

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An Ethics Crisis in 2020 – Here Is To A Better 2021

Given the esteem and trust we grant scientists and innovators, how could this happen?  How could research fraud, falsified data, and unproven conclusions result in 1,800 papers in leading journals and peer review articles being retracted in 2020? And this is not an anomaly. [1] Two decades ago, jour

Ethical Research - Do What Is Right Not What is Easy
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8 Conditions of Technology Development

I was recently going through some old files and notebooks and came across a paper I wrote during my sophomore year in college (Spring 1980).  The paper was for a course on the history of technology that I titled, Conditions of Technology Development.  The professor, who happened to be the Assistant

Technology Development