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Groupthink is a Leader's Worst Enemy

During the Great Recession, top tech companies that defied groupthink and continually invested in R&D emerged as leaders. Leaders must recognize that they must seize opportunities and innovate, or their competitors will leave them behind.

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If You Want To Innovate Then Avoid The Herd: Groupthink Leads to Bad Decisions

Research on small groups has found that people in groups tend to “like” people who are most like them. They establish norms or limits to behavior to make sure similarity and harmony are nurtured or even enforced. This normal group behavior (the effects of groupthink) can turn into a problem because

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Does Brainstorming Deserve its Bad Rap?

In the last few years, brainstorming has been shot down, put down, and dismissed. Why? Has the brainstorming process lived past its usefulness? Since 1941, when Alex Osborn changed the culture of advertising with innovative, nonjudgmental thought-generating, brainstorming has been a major part of th

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