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Finding Ideas In The Mundane and Familiar

How many times have you walked past something and not really seen it? How many times have you seen something a million times without ever really noticing it? It’s easy to take the familiar for granted. We’re so used to it, we see it as mundane and stop paying attention. “The Disease of the Familiar”

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Inspiring Innovation: A 5 Minute Challenge

Inspiring innovation seems more like an art than any kind of skill or science. The sudden spark that results in an exciting new idea seems random – like it came out of the blue. Studies have shown what seems random was actually inspired by something your did, read or saw in the past. Inspiring Innov

New Podcast 5 Minutes To New Ideas with Phil Mckinney
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Does it count when old ideas become new ideas?

In the world of innovation, it can be hard to come up with new ideas. It seems like no matter what you think you’ve dreamed up, someone else has had that same dream. But who wants old ideas? Would you believe “a hungry public”? Kurt Wenner is not only a master of his art, he’s the creator of […]

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How to Avoid The Mistake of Juggling Too Many New Ideas

There seems to be a misguided belief that you can never have too many new ideas. We’re not just referring to creative, innovative ideas that lead to the next big trend or change the face of an industry. It could be something simple that enhances customer service. The difficulty isn’t necessarily com

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If Playing Fuels Creativity Then When Is The Last Time You Played?

In today’s busy world it can be hard to carve time out of a daily routine, especially for activities whose benefits don’t seem immediately obvious.  However, an exception should be made for playing.  Commonly seen as the domain of children, playing has benefits for everyone, including adult professi

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