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Productivity Hack: How to Escape the Clutches of Parkinson's Law

Cyril Parkinson's Law, first published in 1955, states that the more time we have to complete work, the more likely we are to procrastinate and delay it. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome Parkinson's Law and improve productivity and innovation impact.

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Why is Slack Time So Important to Innovation?

In the modern workplace, it seems time is one of the most precious commodities – and getting scarcer by the day. Employees are encouraged to work from the moment they sit down at their desks until the moment they clock out, with minimal breaks in between. Sometimes, even bathroom breaks and opportun

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Here Is The Metric That Can Predict Future Innovation Value

How do you measure the productivity of your innovation investment?  The goal of any R&D organization is to conceive, develop and deliver product and/or services that customers will highly value and therefore be willing to pay a margin premium. The challenge is that the standard metric for innovation

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