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The Silent Epidemic: The Growing Problem of Digital Addiction

Despite its many conveniences, the digital world contributes to an alarming new epidemic - digital addiction. Studies reveal that an average American checks their phone almost 96 times daily, fueling concerns about our dependence on technology.

A group of teenagers all focused on the screens in their hands - digital addiction
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Disruptive Innovation: The Theory Behind How It Works and Its Impact on Society

Disruptive innovation has the potential to change our world for the better, but it can also have negative consequences for certain individuals and industries who cannot adapt to the changes. In order to leverage how disruptive innovation work, we must first understand what it is and how it works. Wh

A picture of birds to convey Disruptive Innovation
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Are You Part Of The Gray Wave? If Not Yet, You Will Be!

For the last few weeks, my wife has been back in Cincinnati helping my Grandmother who just turned 95 last week, still lives in the same house she raised her kids in and still cooks and cleans. Whenever I’m in Cincinnati for business, I have to stay at the house with her else she will kick my b** —

Gray Wave - the growing population of those over 65