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How To Overcome Cognitive Bias And Habits ..

What tools do we humans use when faced with a problem to solve it? We might tap into experience, prevailing trends, our perceptions of what would be safest or easiest, and gut-level instincts, to name a few. These are what psychologists call having a cognitive bias—and while they’re excellent tools

cognitive bias based on habit
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CIO’s have to take the strategic lead for their organization

Rich Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes, and I had a recent discussion on the changing role of the CIO.  When I was a CIO at a public company (Teligent), my role was clearly defined by my boss at the time, Alex Mandl.  One of Alex’s first guidelines he gave me was to make sure his name […]

Forbes video
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Plan For Change Because It Is Coming

Change is inevitable but it doesn’t always have to be a surprise. When we become comfortable in our position (industry structure, market leadership, etc), we open the door for change to catch us by surprise. How do you keep your eye’s open? By scanning the areas of possible change …. and planning fo

The Changing Experience Requirements