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Problems Needing To Be Solved: Where To Start?

Problems needing to be solved abound, but knowing where to start isn’t always obvious. It takes creativity and insight into human behavior to identify which problem deserves attention.

problems are opportunities that need solving
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The 8 Books That Inspired The Most Ideas This Year

Reading books is one of my favorite hobbies and is my dominant source of inspiration that sparks new ideas. I love books that challenge me to think differently and that introduce me to new concepts. Some of my favorite books have been the ones that have sparked the most ideas, as evidenced by the nu

Covers of the 8 books that inspired the most ideas
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What Is Your Creative Inspiration?

I really enjoy getting behind this microphone. It is my personal creative outlet that is separate from the day job. What was it that got me to start back in 2005? Like all things, I got inspired. My inspiration was when my mentor, Bob Davis, lent me my first self-help set of cassette tapes created [

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Surprising Inspiration for Personal Creativity

Whether a businessman, chemist, a doctor, or a poet, personal creativity is essential to success. From creativity, new ideas are spawned, and thus, new innovations. Unfortunately, creative thinking isn’t always a switch to be flipped… or is it? Instead of banging your head against the closest door,

inspiration surprise
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Fuel for your design inspiration

Back in my architecture days, I would collect photo’s, rip pages out of architecture magazines and collect trinkets that provided the design inspiration I needed to complete the class projects.  Since then, I’ve kept it up but moved from the physical to the virtual not to mention going from architec

design inspiration with pinterest