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8 Tips for Dealing with Rejection

As an entrepreneur and innovator, you’re bound to face rejection in your career. No matter what you do, rejection is part of life—whether it’s the job you didn’t get, the college that didn’t accept you, or the girl that you asked out and didn’t give you the response you were hoping for. It’s a neces

Rejection and how to handle it
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Having Engaged Employees is an Essential Part of Innovation

It is hard to imagine that a company can be truly successful if its employees are not adequately motivated and engaged. When you have engaged employees, they take a personal interest in the success of their company. Otherwise, they are likely to do what is expected but lack the motivation to go much

engaged employees
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4 Ways To Find Motivation in Times of Burnout

Some days, we wake up raring to get at our day, fueled with passion and creativity to do the work we know sets us apart from the crowd. No need to go on a search and find motivation. Its just there! Other days…not so much. There are times when even the most inspired and resilient […]

find motivation passion energy
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8 Simple Steps To Be More Creative

So you want to be more creative? It may not be as hard as it sounds. Like so many other things in life, there are steps you take to train your creative muscle. Want it. Do you even want to be creative? If so prove it to yourself by living a life that embraces for […]

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