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Ideas Are Not Innovations!

Ideas inspire people to change how we do the things we do. But ideas by themselves are just an inkling of what could be. Ideas that remain ideas forever eventually become ideas of the past, things we once thought could change the world. But never did. No one ever changed the world by just thinking [

ideas are not innovations - innovations come from taking action
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5 Great Reasons to Ask Questions

In a world where customers have access to an almost unlimited number of products when they ask a question on Google, most of which they may not even use, it becomes even more important to differentiate yourself in order to draw attention to what you might offer. How can you make a customer’s life ea

ask questions strategic
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Does Your Organization Have The Willingness and Ability To Innovate?

Companies depend on the ability to innovate in order to remain competitive. Traditionally, we consider innovation to involve fun and creativity. However, innovation can be hard work requiring both a willingness and an ability to generate ideas. According to Linda Hill and co-authors of Collective Ge

willingness ability innovate innovation