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Problems Needing To Be Solved: Where To Start?

Problems needing to be solved abound, but knowing where to start isn’t always obvious. It takes creativity and insight into human behavior to identify which problem deserves attention.

problems are opportunities that need solving
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The Power of Human Ingenuity

“What are you going to do about it?” My grandmother was chastising me for whining about how life wasn’t fair – or some other perceived injustice. What could I do about it! I was only a kid. It’s someone else’s job to fix it! Or at least I thought so.  Instead of letting me pass […]

How can you talk if you haven't got a brain? asked Dorothy. I don't know, replied Scarecrow, but some people without brains d
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How Does Your Brain Work on Innovation?

Most of us are familiar with the image of a light bulb signifying the idea that emerges from our brain.  One moment the light is off, the next it is on and a “eureka” moment has occurred. Likewise, many of us have also experienced “eureka” moments when we least expect them – in the shower, […]

Your brain and creativity and innovation