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The Power of Human Ingenuity

“What are you going to do about it?” My grandmother was chastising me for whining about how life wasn’t fair – or some other perceived injustice. What could I do about it! I was only a kid. It’s someone else’s job to fix it! Or at least I thought so.  Instead of letting me pass […]

How can you talk if you haven't got a brain? asked Dorothy. I don't know, replied Scarecrow, but some people without brains d
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I Have a Question…

“Dad – what’s that?” My daughter, 4 or 5, was in her car seat as we were running errands. She grew impatient with my delay in answering her question. “That!” she said as she pointed out her window at the curb.  “It’s called a curb,” I explained. “What’s it made of?” “Cement.” “What’s cement?” I […]

Toddler with never-ending questions
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Inspiring Innovation: A 5 Minute Challenge

Inspiring innovation seems more like an art than any kind of skill or science. The sudden spark that results in an exciting new idea seems random – like it came out of the blue. Studies have shown what seems random was actually inspired by something your did, read or saw in the past. Inspiring Innov

New Podcast 5 Minutes To New Ideas with Phil Mckinney
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What Can Children Teach Us About Creativity?

Some adults tend to think that creativity is something you are born with. But, the truth is we are all creative. If your creativity seems to be at a stand still, I invite you to think about what we can learn about creativity by observing children. I just came back from our vacation with our […]

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